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Our Adventure

Our team was built on our mutual fondness of wood. Our main objective in the past years has been to save and preserve ancient trees of historical age and size for future generations. We would like to give these wonderful giants of nature another 100+ years on top of their own 2-300 years. We also collect rare wood materials, treasures created by nature, giving them a new purpose. All the wood materials we work with have been deemed to be cut due to illness and/or issues caused by nature, or they have been marked dangerous. We forage the country for these wood materials. We do not cut nor will we ever cut a tree for our work, we obtain and save rare and highly valuable wood types through networking with forestry, fellers, arborists, tree surgeons and local governments from all over Hungary and also through the help of likeminded individuals.
We do everything ourselves from beginning to end: transporting, milling, stacking, containing, careful drying and the long and meticulous joyful creation. All our furniture are 100% hand and heart made. We don’t use industrial machinery. The produced debris and wood chips are used for heating and for compost. We also sponsor planting of 2 new trees out of the income of every sold furniture. Every minute of this project is pure delight for both of us. The feeling of seeing our finished creation in its magnificence in front of us, made out of a 1-2-300 years old log with all its mystical patterns and gem-like gloss is truly priceless. Especially knowing how many hours of work and how many kilometers went into it. So basically, this catalogue will offer you a peek of what is in our heads every day.

How our tables come to life

As we have already mentioned we chaperone each of our tables from start to finish. These logs you won’t find at any timber lot or logger company due to their size and weight. In many cases out of lack of aesthetic sense or -according to us - as an assault on nature, these majestic giants are either left to perish or burnt as firewood. Due to their illness and/or age, they are usually not suitable for general carpentry work, so these rare logs are simply demolished. Logs like these can only be moved by a large crane and those cannot be anchored on every terrain.
There are limited numbers (or don’t exist) of industrial machinery of this size that are capable to mill them. But we can. On location. Sometimes in the swamp, sometimes in the reed, on farmlands, forests, in the rain, or in the snow, in -10 degrees Celsius, or in +40 degrees Celsius.
Milling them sometimes take overnight trips, many kilometers and the help from many people to lift or carry them. The next step for the carefully cut slabs is the reclining and letting them to dry naturally, which also takes a few months. Then stacking them, studding them, in a well covered storage facility, where the air can breeze through properly. Turning them over, then once again stacking them will follow suit.
Stacking 4000. Out of the drying chamber and in with After this, once the material has reached optimal moisture content level for the artificial drying process, the next stage is the drying chamber. The professional, slow, gentle drying process starts.
For the 100% handmade design we have built the frames and tools. We work with premium category machines and tools in order to provide the best possible quality. One table can take weeks - or depending on the size – even months in our workshop to reach the glory we like to present. We make the feet as well for each of our tables, coordinating it with the shape of the slab or slice in order to avoid possible warping or twisting.
We have tested our surface finishing method for 3 years straight. Our method closes up the pores of the wood, making it water resistant and also showing the patterns and markings of the wood with sharp clarity. We don’t use lacquers. Upon touching our tables, you will feel the natural surface of the wood. Each and every one of our materials are singular. All of our tables – depending on the singularity and available quantity of the material -can be produced in either large or in limited numbers.

A munkámról


Minden munkámat úgy készítem, mintha magamnak csinálnám. Addig dolgozom vele, amíg tökéletes lesz.

Egyediség mindenek felett

Élvezetből dolgozom. Nem gyártok futószalagon. Minden munkám másolható, de nem megismételhető. Minden darab másért csoda. Mindegyik egy külön történet.

100% kézműves

A kivitelezés során a alkotás minden folyamata kézzel és az általam gyártott segéd keretekkel, kézi, felső kategóriás gépekkel készül.

Ötletelj velem!

Mutasd meg mit és hová szeretnél! Mutass képeket, színeket, hadd lássam mit szeretnél igazán! Jobbat készítek. :-)

Idő és minőség

Ahhoz, hogy teljes élvezettel, tökéletesre készítsem el az adott darabot, mindig olyan időintervallumot adok, hogy kényelmesen és részletesen dolgozhassak vele.

Örök élet garancia

Te vigyázol rá tudom, de ha valaki nem tenne úgy mint te, ne aggódj mindig van megoldás. Amíg élek, addig elérhető leszek és segíteni fogok.

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